We help you feel beautiful - inside out.

CosMyTick, a multi award winning manufacturing industry under the MSME Segment, founded in the year 2014 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. CosMyTick is industrialized by innovative branded products serving in the field of Mind, Health and Wellness.

Brand Cosmyra is a "Make in India" personal care brand that focuses on products made out of natural essential oils, infused with herbal extracts and aromatherapy fragrances.

All Products under the umbrella of Cosmyra are incorporated with innovative blends of pure essential oils which have a direct impact on skin & hair, feeling fresh & nourished. These blends are incredibly powerful scents (Aromatherapy) which benefits by uplifting the anxiety & stress moods and feel rejuvenated.

We care about what goes onto your body. So our products have nourishing, soothing and detoxifying properties that not only protect your skin but also repair them over time to give you a radiant, refreshing, confident and beautiful appeal. 

We strongly believe Cosmyra will become a trusted home brand  "Cosmyra - An Essential".