We help you feel beautiful - inside out.

Cosmetic and personal care products are items that are used to maintain or increase one’s physical appearance and personal hygiene. These products can include soaps, shampoos, bath products and lotions. Every day, millions of families around the world rely on and trust their personal care products which are essential to living better, healthier lives.

One such manufacturer of these products is an Enterprise M/s. CosMyTick founded in the year 2014 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.  CosMytick is a MSME segment where it is committed to product safety, quality and innovation.  CosMyTick is industrialized by Innovative Branded products

  “COSMYRA”…. An Essential - Because for class and style

Bathing preparation like transparent bathing soap and personal care products are the core business of this Company. Company aim is to produce quality, natural or organic based products to reach out wide range of customers.

Plant is well-equipped with semi automated systems with all the facilities from storage of raw materials, packaging and dispatch  sections.

Customers are whole sale dealers, buyers, organic shops, hotels, SPAs' & Salons, Corporate offices and trusted contacts .

Where there is Passion and Inspiration, there is Innovation.

Passion and Inspiration goes hand in hand for a woman entrepreneur which leads to Innovation.

Innovation often results when ideas are applied to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers.

One such Woman Entrepreneur is Mrs. Geetha Chiniwalar , Director of Enterprise M/s. CosMyTick, supported by Technical Director Mr.Sridhar Rao.